What Jim Needs… Four Days Later

Four days have passed since I posted my “what Jim needs” list on my blog and I thought I would try the experiment again. There were a few of the same pages, but a curious surprise came in at number 9.

  1. Jim Needs to Google “Jim Needs.”
  2. Jim Needs a Kidney
  3. Jim Needs a Laundry Delivery Service
  4. Jim Needs a New Grinder
  5. Jim Needs Tommy Guns
  6. Jim Needs help with a Daweena 2008
  8. Jim Needs a profile on Classmates.com.
  9. Jim Needs…My Jim Needs my list at jimpfitzer.wordpress.com
  10. Jim Needs your help!

So this has become circular. Jim Needs to know that Jim knows what Jim Needs… Hmm…

I’ll try it again in a week. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “What Jim Needs… Four Days Later”

  1. So I didn’t see anywhere on there that Jim needs to carve wooden spoons.
    That Jim needs to tell stories.
    That Jim needs friends.

    And why Tommy Guns?


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