A Downy Visitor

Pileated, red-bellied, and yellow-bellied woodpeckers all come regularly for the suet, but the little downies are nearly omnipresent at the feeding station. Male and female sometimes come together, other times they are loners but, odds are, if you look out the kitchen window during daylight hours, one of them will be there. The female is currently understandably skittish after visiting me in the house early in the week, requiring capture to find her way back out.

The male, however, is quite comfortable with me and afforded a few nice photographs this afternoon. With the temperatures dropping tonight and last night’s rain not affecting the drought conditions, I expect the feeding and watering stations to stay busy, and I will be around with the camera, so stay tuned.

Here are the photos from today along with red-bellied woodpecker and yellow-bellied sapsucker visiting the persimmons in the past couple weeks. Enjoy!

Male on Branch-2.jpg

Male on Branch-3.jpg

Male on Branch.jpg

Persimmon Tree-2.jpg



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