A Little Luck in SE Alaska

Following a morning of ritual waving of fly rods at oblivious coho salmon, we park the car on the edge of the Glacier Hwy. and start north down a narrow trail. We dip quickly into woods that soon give way to marshy muskeg. A few scattered, puffy clouds accent a crystal blue sky over a […]

Birding by Ear in Anchorage

I am downstairs, sitting in the rocking chair next to the hearth where the wood stove used to be. It is early morning. I am thinking about the next three weeks of travel, and writing. To my left is a small table. Beyond the table, a sliding glass door leads to a tiny patio. The […]

Alaska Time

What time is it? If you are like most people I encounter, when asked that question, you reached into your pocket and pull out your phone to answer that question. The age of extending your left arm all the way out to reveal your watch from beneath your cuff, then bending 90 degrees at the […]